Owner Sam“I guarantee my customers the freshest fish with a unique combination of traditional Japanese flavors and contemporary Western fusion.” – Owner and head chef of Sushi Bar Blue Fin, Hideharu “Sam” Saito, says with confidence, adding “…or your money back!”

With a vision and passion to let all appreciate the elegance of authentic Japanese food, he has finally opened his own sushi restaurant on January 30th, 2007.

Throughout his 30 years in the food business, his loyal customers have continued to follow him. Through inspiration and with determination, he consistently gives his customers the opportunity and privilege to truly experience the greatness of Japanese taste. Not one to compromise, all is prepared with pride and respect to his heritage. Be assured that you will be pleasantly surprised and that you will most likely ask for more.

Sushi is made more than to eat, but it is an art that can be appreciated if made properly. It is not about how full you will get, so do not expect to get a buffet at the sushi bar, but expect a unique experience. The food is prepared delicately and perfectly to magnify your dining experience. With all this in mind, I hope you will come and give us a try.

Best Sushi by the California Restaurant Association SD Best  2011